Rim Fire in California gets help from Georgia

As the Rim Fire rages on in California at the border of Yosemite National Park; we (“the mom”, little man and little man 2) wait daily on news from “the dad.”  He is 2,000 miles away fighting this inferno along with thousands of other firefighters and emergency crews.  Prayers are going up all over the nation for these men and women and there are two little boys here in Georgia that are ready to see their daddy.  Follow me on twitter @momswildworld  and on Facebook at Moms Wild World for updates on “the dad” and the fires in CA.


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  2. Thank you, Georgia…. I live near the foothill town of Tuolumne which is being threatened on another edge of this inferno. In Tuolumne County we are so moved by the outpouring of support from all over the country. We are told that protection of people, structures, and firefighters is a priority — and our prayers go out to your Daddy who is not so far away from me, I assume, protecting a whole county of families. We are taking good care of your Dad, little boys. We’re providing food, gratitude, daily necessities, showers…you name it. We know how dangerous the job is, and we are grateful. There are two other little boys who live nearby who are also grateful for your Dad’s protection. Their dad is also working on the fire. It seems the whole world is here. We are so grateful. Your daddy is a hero to us.

    • I thank all of the locals there for taking care of the firemen and all the workers. My husband has mention your town several times, they are fighting hard to save your town. He’s actually on the line toward Tuolumne. And I know our little boys send thanks for taking care of daddy. God bless!!!

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